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Despina Prinia

Brief Resume

Despina Prinia holds a PhD in Political Communication & Strategic Media Management from Columbia University New York. She specialized in Crisis Management in International Affairs at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Ever since 2008 she specializes on Cultural Diplomacy, in cooperation with the Berlin Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

Starting as a journalist in the early years of her career she soon moves into Advertizing, acquiring two prizes in the Cannes & Los Angeles Advertizing festivals and a Biennale prize for creative work.

In the context of her PhD research on Crisis Management in International Affairs- Migration Policies & Social Policies, she works as an intern for the United Nations, hence she is recruited by the International Olympic Committee, Department of International Affairs, where she serves as a communicator and spokesperson until 2005.

She starts her academic & research career in 2004, as a full member of L.E.R.U. (European Research Universities) and she gets back to the Continent through a scholarship from the E.U-U.S. cultural & academic exchange programs. She is currently the Academic Coordinator of the Department of “International Relations & European Lobbying”, Université de Strasbourg, offered in Athens via SCG-Université de Strasbourg, while she offers consulting services το International Organizations.

As an active researcher, she specializes on Cultural Diplomacy, Crisis Management in Cross Cultural Relations & International Affairs, E-Governance, Social Networking & Social Economy, Social Entrepreneurship- Innovation & Sustainability, NGO Management and Brand Nations.

A founding member of The Greek Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, for the promotion of the culture of Social Entrepreneurship in Greece as of 2010, she is also the representative of Greece in the International Research Program “Transforming Business”, administered by Cambridge University, for “Poverty Alleviation & Social Exclusion”.

During the recent years she is into sustainable development projects, both environmental & cultural. A member of the National Climate Change Committee, the Committee of Accessible tourism for vulnerable citizens, the Committee of Gastronomy Tourism and Responsible- Sustainable Tourism, she has participated in numerous sustainable and green economy ventures, like: Folegandos, in the list of 50 global green islands, Santorini vineyards in the Unesco list of intangible cultural products, Rebetico music in the list of Unesco list of intangible cultural products, Extra Milers Digital Platform for Accessible Tourism for Handicapped citizens etc.

Having served at the Greek Ministry of Tourism, as a Special Advisor to the Minister, and the Greek Minitry of Migration and Asylum, she is currently the «Sustainable Tourism Development» Coordinator, at the Productivity Secretariat of Nea Demokratia political party.




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