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Research Papers

  • Prinia, D. (2017). “International Organizations and their role in Crisis Resolution in the 21st century, Athens Democracy Forum
  • Prinia, D., Varlas, M., Fragouli, J. (2017), « Ancient Greek Home-Ancient Greek Park”, A show case of the Ancient world & the cell of Democracy. European Research Council, Hellenic Hexpo, Greek Ministry of Tourism
  • Prinia, D., Sobotis, A., (2016). “Digital Museums & the New Age Audiences”, development of a digital app for the National Gallery, European Research Counsil-The Greek Ministry of Culture
  • Prinia, D., (2013). “Run a Mile for Greece”. Cultural Diplomacy Initiative for the re-branding and reputation management of Greece to the international community. Under the aegis of “Via Egnatia”, Roads of Civilization and the Greek Cultural Centre in Berlin
  • Prinia, D. “Social Networking & Social Media against Unemployment & Social Exclusion-Applications Economy”. University of Piraeus, Dec. 2012
  • Prinia, D., Murad L., Harkiolakis, N., (2011). “Research Initiatives of the European Union in the Areas of Sustainability, Entrepreneurship an Poverty Alleviation”, Thunderbird Global School Of Management, January/February 2012 Vol. 54 No. 1 special issue of Thunderbird International Business Review(published in January 2012 by Wiley Press
  • Tzanetopoulos, A., Protogeridis, Ph.,Prinia, D.,(2011), “Social Networking and New Age Media. A crisis tool, to the end of Social coherence”, Facebook for the visually impaired (by Tzanetopoulos, A., Protogeridis, Ph.) case study, Under the Aegis of the Greek Ministry of Education. Athens University School of Economics,. Microsoft prize in patented social networking
  • Prinia, D. (2010). “Re-engineering the 21st century International Organizations”. The Berlin Institute of Cultural Diplomacy,www.culturaldiplomacy.org/International Symposium of Cultural Diplomacy/May 2010
  • Prinia, D. (2009). “E-Diplomacy as a Crisis Management Tool in a Cyber War”. American Crisis Management Association/Research Department
  • Prinia, D. (2009). “Monitoring the Global Conversation”. The United Nations Crisis & Operations Department
  • Prinia, D. (2009). “International Organizations & Law Enforcement and Regulations within the E.U.”.www.ethicalcorp.com/ Crisis Management & Anti-corruption Summit/Brussels/May2009
  • Prinia, D. (2009). “Human Rights & Cross Cultural Relations within European Member States”, Centre of European Studies, Athens, Greece/ Research Papers/February 2009
  • Prinia, D., Harkiolakis N., (2008). “Social Networking as a Safety Net for Society”: Developing a monitoring Tool for the United Nations, European Research Council.
  • Prinia, D. (2008). “Globalization Media. Challenges to Regulations & Research”: Hellenic Audiovisual Institute (IOM). Annual Conference 2008, Athens, Greece. July 2008
  • Prinia, D. (2008). “Culture. The Role of a Soft Power in an International Environment”: Berlin Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD),www.culturaldiplomacy.org/The Young Leaders Forum/June 2007.
  • Prinia, D. (2007). “Women Leaders in Cross Cultural Relations/ Crisis Resolution on Racial Issues”:American Crisis Management Association Research Department/ University of Cape Town. Cape Town, South Africa, March 2007 (classified)
  • Prinia, D. (2007). “Crisis Management in International Affairs”, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. October 2007


  • Halkias, D., Thurman, P., Smith, C., Nason, R., Prinia, D.(2012). “Father-Daughter Succession in Family Business. A Cross-Cultural Reality”, Gower Press, London, U.K.
  • Prinia, D., Murad L., Harkiolakis N. (2011). “Research Initiatives of the European Union in the Areas of Sustainability, Entrepreneurship an Poverty Alleviation”, Thunderbird Global School Of Management, 2011 by Wiley Press
  • Prinia, D. Heslam P. (2010), “Cultural Diplomacy and Cross Cultural Relations against the World Poverty”. Cambridge University, Judge Business School, U.K
  • Halkias, D., Prinia, D., Smith, C. (2010). “Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Oxford, UK (2010): Their Lives and Challenges”, in Halkias, D., Thurman, P., Harkiolakis, N. and Smith, C. (Eds.).
  • Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Economic and Social Impact of a Global Phenomenon. Gower Publishers, London, (to be published in 2010)
  • Prinia, D. (2009) “My Business Ring: A Voice for Social Entrepreneurship”, Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, Authorhouse Press, Indiana, USA., 2(2), p.75
  • Halkias, D. (2007). Harkiolakis, N., Prinia, D., Caracatsanis, S. and Akrivos, D. Implications of Minority-owned Family Enterprises on the Greek Economy. OBEC, St. Hugh’s College, Oxford University, England. June 24-26, 2007
  • Prinia, D., (2007). “International Relations and the Olympic Truce. The Role of Strategic Sports Marketing & Communications in Cultural Diplomacy”: The IOC Publications. International Relations in Practice, Volume 10 (P. 121-157). Lausanne, Switzerland. April 2007

Conferences Chair-Presentations

  • Prinia, D., «European cultural identity in a constant crisis», (2013). European Conference OFAJDFJW, (French-German Association of Young Diplomats), InstituteforDemocracy & ReconciliationinSouthEastEurope, Municipality of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki, April 2013
  • Prinia, D. “Social Networking & Media against unemployment & Social Exclusion. Applications Economy”. University of Piraeus, December 2011
  • Prinia, D. (2010). “Strategic Event Management in International Relations”: The British Embassy in Athens. Athens, Greece, February 2010
  • Prinia, D. (2007). “Crisis Management in Media & Communications”, Panteion University of Athens/Institute of Communication (EEDE). Athens, Greece, May 2007
  • Prinia, D. (2008). “Crisis Management in International Affairs”, The Academy of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens, Greece. May 2008
  • Prinia, D. (2008). “Reputation Management & Crisis Management on the Corporate Image” Educational Festival (Festival Foitissis): Greek Ministry of Education/Municipality of Athens. Greece, December, 2008
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