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Be Greek!

The Greek default has left a whole country with all the social mechanisms broken, stripping Greece of all its resources and valuable human capital. An E-Governance-social networking platform and an innovative“ethical technology” join forces to restore Social Solidarity and work against unemployment & Social Exclusion. Because to us, poverty is an extreme form of social violence. With your contribution, and via a social economy experiment, with the assistance of technology we can re-build a new platform for Greece & re-invent citizen to citizen social solidarity in Europe. Do you feel for Greece or you simply feel Greek? Donate for the Greek cause against unemployment & social exclusion and be a “certified” friend and an ambassador of the Greek people in the international community. Helping us develop the platform against unemployment you’re giving a hand to Greece in times of intense humanitarian crisis. Solidarity doesn’t have a price in the international community. Even if you share your extra 5euros, your empathy is “certified”. After your donation is made, we offer your contribution receipt in the form of a Certificate of “Greekness” ad solidarity that you can download, as soon as you make your contribution. The Platform In the century of information, where managing information equals assuming social responsibility, the United Nations ratified access to information as a basic human right in 2011. Sustaining the Global dialogue, we thought that a new model of E-governance, overcoming bureaucracy and enhancing the way communities interact between them, would effectively release channels of communication between users, contributing to equal rights and access to valuable information, thus strengthening social solidarity and restore the much damaged social net in the labor market. Welcome to the brave new world of info “democratization” Revolutionizing the conventional terms of simple networking, search and encoding, the platform actually overturns encoding, democratizing and purifying the system and “releasing” communication between interested communities, taking their communication to the next level, that of solidarity Be Greek!